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The Benefits for

Band Directors, Parents & Students

Elementary through university level music programs in the 21st century are experiencing the ramifications of the overall decrease of music specialists and music program funding that was once a regular part of the general education system found in the various cultures of the world. As music programs diminish in scope and are phased out of the traditional school setting, an alternative for music students to explore other approaches to learning music outside of their traditional music classroom needs to be addressed. Here is where The Virtual School of Music ® steps in to continue providing music education opportunities for all students, while continuing to raise the bar in teaching excellence.

Benefits for Band Directors

Shortage of classroom time, reduced budget dollars and students' extra-curricular commitments make it challenging to have a top-rate band program. With the assistance of The Virtual School of Music, you have access to private music teachers on all band instruments, plus resources for music theory instruction, interactive master classes and much more - all at affordable pricing. Student lessons begin at $28 a lesson.

Don't worry about having to find private instructors or scheduling lessons again. We can help get your students moving forward as individual players so that you can take your band to the next level. Contact us about our customized lesson lesson programs for your specific band needs.

"Mr. Dudley is very knowledgeable about all of the styles we covered, which helps to explain a little bit of why he is such a brilliant musician. It's inspiring to have teachers like him who have done their research and put in the time to embrace each genre. His comments and his demeanor were always encouraging and eloquent."
-from a former student of Bruce Dudley, Nashville, TN, USA

Benefits for Parents

Exellent Faculty
First, be reassured that your son or daughter will be receiving excellent music instruction from our renowed music faculty. All of our instructors have degrees in their area of specialty, or the equivalent in experience.

"Studying with Chester [Thompson] has been one of the most rewarding experiences to me as a musician the past few years. His lessons were full of purpose, hard work, rigorous exercises of independence, and meaningful talks. After studying with Chester, I felt free to execute any creative ideas at the drum set, and I also felt confident in my purpose as a musician. He is a man of wisdom from a lot of experience, and he cares enough to share it all with us."
- from Marcus H, Nashville, TN, USA

We value your time
We know how valuable your time is, and especially how just an extra half hour less of driving can benefit both you and your family. Combine that with the ease of scheduling lessons and you can immediately see the benefits of having your child study music with The Virtual School of Music. Is your child homeschooled? Have a morning or afternoon lesson. With online lessons, you can experience great instruction at ease in your own home setting.

Easy Payment
Our convenient online payment system accepts VISA, Mastercard and international payments. Semester payment options can include monthly payment plans invoiced through your email account. Contact our office for further details on monthly payments.

Benefits for Students

The Virtual School of Music is about you, our student. We want you to become the musician you've always dreamed of being. Whether you are just starting to learn an instrument or you are wanting to increase your professional chops, VSM has instructors suited for your specific needs. Premier faculty, excellent instruction and ease of scheduling are all available to you through The Virtual School of Music. Apply today and take your music learning to new heights.

"After being taught by Matt for over two years, I know that I have learned a lot and improved greatly due to his personalized lessons and flexibility with what I wanted to learn at the time, and I feel that I am thoroughly prepared to continue my music studies in post-secondary."
-from Maureen Y, Edmonton, AB, CANADA

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How can I sign-up for lessons today and what is the cost?
What instruments can I learn to play?
What type of computer and internet speed do I need to take online lessons?
Can I get live, in person lessons instead?
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Can I work at my own pace?

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